Monday Morning: Butt up. Flaps Up. Rise. Rise.



Source: Your Eyes Blaze Out (from Pixar Film “Piper”)


  1. and sometimes, try as we might, and with the best of intentions, it’s just not enough )

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  2. Love the bottom up at the end!! 😎

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  3. While this isn’t a puppy, this is * bound* to elicit a response from our dear Mimi. And I’m with Karen, the bow at the end (on one leg no less!) is priceless….

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  4. Right into the end zone! Awwwwwww baby! What a little, reluctant and precious baby…

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  5. roseanne333 says:

    And, at the start, it looks back as if to say, “Mom!”
    Yes, the little bow/curtsy is perfect.

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  6. Pixar does it again….so cute!

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  7. Nan Morrissette says:

    Thank you, David. You varied and thought-provoking posts are really helping me this past few weeks. I look forward to them each morning, more than I can say.

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  8. Come on cute pie!!

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  9. And so life goes on with Mother Nature blissfully living in the moment. Good example Mother. :0)

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  10. I’d need that push this morning to get my flaps up.

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  11. No
    I don’t wanna.

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  12. So cute. :o)

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  13. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    A smile I needed today …


  14. First day of flight school.

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  15. christinesat says:

    I’ve seen the short movie. This so heartwarming!. Thank you so much for posting, David!

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  16. Is that for real??? He almost looks like Tweetie!

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  17. Aww…. So cute!
    I miss my mommy!

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  18. She’s a Korean mom. LOL.

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