Dream Alliance

“Dark Horse” won “The Audience Award in the World Cinema Documentary Competition” at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

“He was bred from allotment. How can he be a success?”

Whether you are a horse person, or not (I’m not), this was something to see. Don’t miss it. 87 minutes of inspiration.

Find it on Amazon Video.

Thank you Susan.


  1. I am sooooooo happy!

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  2. Maybe after I get over Kendal.
    My stepdaughter insisted and paid for me to go horseback riding on a camping trip last month.
    Kendal can be a horse to reckon with, said the lady that works there after the 90 minute ride.

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  3. Smiling from ear to ear 😄

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  4. Just watched the trailer – will definitely rent this movie.

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  5. Looks great! It’s Melbourne cup here tomorrow and so very appropriate for all the trainers. 🐎

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  6. Wow, this looks incredible! Can’t wait to watch it. Brought to mind another documentary piece I heard about on NPR the other day that sounds similarly inspiring — ‘Eagle Huntress.’ http://n.pr/1PYm2dt On the hunt for that one, too!

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  7. I love documentaries! I think I would like to do some stuff in documateries in career I want to be a journalist x

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