A boy eats a free meal, part of a program by outreach group World Mission Community Care, at a slum area in Tondo city, metro Manila.  (Photo: Romeo Ranoco / Reuters)


  1. Is there a like button with tears? 😥

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  2. the power of this photo flies off the page and right into my heart.

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    • Heartbreaking…2.8 million HHs in the Philippines were going hungry. (And this is down)

      “Hunger in the Philippines decreased to its lowest level in 10 years as a recent survey showed a drop to 12.7 percent of families that were going hungry, or around 2.8 million households, in the second quarter of 2015”


  3. It is tragic. So is this:

    And this:

    There are hungry people in America, the same country that also has an obesity epidemic (many of the hungry are also obese). Go figure.

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  4. Growing up poor in the Philippines, I know what it is like to have no breakfast.

    Here is Canada, it’s amazing to see a rich country to see children go hungry. Working for a school board, we have Breakfast program and Hot Meals for the poor children that goes to school.

    Feeding their stomach is a gateway to education.

    Mind you when we came to Vancouver, still poor, we ate K(c)raft food (macaroni and cheese) for a looooooooooong time. Never touched it again.

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  5. Reblogged this on Health Continuum and commented:
    This is a great thing to feed the hungry and we should do even more. As mentioned by journalist, Edward Hadas: “If the better off truly want to help the weaker members of the community, they should think less about the relatively easy problem of food and more about the much harder challenges of providing social goods.”


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