Moon Scallops

Henry Domke

Henry Domke

Henry Domke creates nature art for hospitals. His “first career” was a family practice physician. He started his company, Henry Domke Fine Art, when he saw a need for better and more appropriate art for hospitals and medical facilities. At the time, research was beginning to tell a compelling story about how patients exposed to nature, or even images of nature, healed more quickly, had less stress, and required less pain medication. He states that the very best part of his job is hearing stories from patients who’ve seen one of his pictures in a hospital or doctor’s office and has been moved by it.

Read more about Henry Domke and see more of his work here: Henry Domke Fine Art.

Source: Mennyfox55


  1. I love his work. This is so important. I am so excited that nature is recognized in hospitals as a healing tool to recovery. I wish it was worldwide. 🙂

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  2. His work is beautiful. I am partial to the nature scenes, and of course, the water lily. 💕


  3. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Another shout-out for the arts! 🙂 I’m also fascinated by the way in which art helps patients deal with pain.

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  4. Beautiful, serene art that helps heal people is a true gift of the artist.

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  5. What a great idea to show art in a hospital, lighting up otherwise a heavy place. Thanks for sharing.

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  6. I love the degree of serendipity in Domke’s life–the healer and the artist both finding a cause and meaning. The combination lifts both vocations higher.

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  7. Wonderful work. More and more evidence is being brought by more recent research on the healing properties of nature.

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  8. i absolutely love this idea. art can transport –

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