It’s been a long day


Source: Gifak


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    Have to share ….. So cute!!

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  2. Oh the simple request…more. 🙂

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  3. And that paw, so slow and gentle to reach out…you can feel the soft ask…one more time, please.


  4. Please don’t stop!

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  5. There’s an ‘awww’ in here, but an even stronger desire for it to continue undisturbed

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  6. Have watched this half a dozen times and get a warm fuzzy every time that little paw goes out. Sweet, sweet, sweet…

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  7. How many loops did you watch? 😀

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  8. I still can’t figure out what that creature is. Tail of a cat, ear of a wombat, unknown alien eye, and teeny paw. Any ideas?

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  9. Awww…we all want love. 🙂

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