Sunday Morning: Why I live in mortal dread

You’ll say you don’t have time to watch this.
It’s 13 minutes.
You need to move on to the next post.

And I’m telling you that
this woman is something special.

Don’t quit on this one.
Take it to the finish.

Good Sunday Morning.

Megan Alexandra Washington, 28, was born in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. She is an Australian musician and songwriter also known mononymously as Washington. Originally performing jazz music her style evolved to indie pop and alternative rock where she sings and plays piano and guitar.  She developed a stutter early in her life and continues to struggle with her speech.  Find her website here: Find her album on iTunes here: I Believe You Liar


  1. This was worth every minute – and then some. I was transfixed – and awed. This is an extraordinary young woman.

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  2. Wow! It amazes me that some people can find a silver lining in their dark clouds. Survival I guess. Glad Washington found hers!

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  3. May she sing each and every day of her life. A bright, talented and courageous woman!

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  4. she is a living example of finding your grace

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  5. Because you said to watch, I did…and I’m glad I took your advice. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. ♥

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  6. Aw, this was really beautiful, and she was so funny. Loved it, thanks for sharing, Ted Talks are always so inspiring!

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  7. jazzpianopath says:

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  8. Gorgeous voice and beautiful courage of a woman♥
    Enjoyed this thoroughly. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

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  9. She is amazing!

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  10. Awww…a beautiful and strong young woman with a beautiful voice.

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  12. I just had the chance to watch this, DK, and so glad that I did. What a beautiful spirit, and so very inspiring. I, too, live in mortal dread of public speaking, and I have no hurdle to get over other than an innate fear. If I could, I would give this young woman a big hug, but at the least I can purchase her album, as her voice is like silk. What a lovely start to my week, emotionally and audibly…. 🙂

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    • You’ve captured it Lori. I rarely have the patience to sit through Ted Talks, and this one at 13 minutes shorter than the standard 17-18 minutes. I watched this 3x. Inspired each time. What an incredible young woman.


  13. It’s amazing how many singers have these same problems, and singing is not a problem at all. I think for me it would be the other way round! Thanks for this David that was really inspiring, and her singing is wonderful too! 🙂

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