Long Day? Just – – It.


Source: themetapicture.com. Thanks Susan.


  1. Thanks! Much better now.

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  2. Copy cat

    haha Nice

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  4. hilarious!

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  5. soooooooooooo lovely 🙂 Thanks and Love, nia

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  7. Alex Jones says:

    Time to shake things up; I think I will do that today.

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  8. hahaha soo cute!!

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  9. Who knew that I was walking around with the perfect coping mechanism at my fingertips all these years?!

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  10. Somehow when I do this, I don’t look nearly as endearing as that cat – or that woman for that matter. Andy just asks if I’ve got a twitch.

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  11. I love the kitty whind-up (how do you spell that?); and when they pounce, it’s equally entertaining.


  12. Shaky Shaky 🙂 Loved it..


  13. Shaky Shaky 🙂 Loved it..

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