Monday Morning Mantra: Swim in Your Sea


Think of one of those Chuck Close self-portraits. The face takes up the entire image. You can see every pore. Some people try to introspect like that. But others see themselves in broader landscapes, in the context of longer narratives about forgiveness, or redemption or setback and ascent. Maturity is moving from the close-up to the landscape, focusing less on your own supposed strengths and weaknesses and more on the sea of empathy in which you swim, which is the medium necessary for understanding others, one’s self, and survival.

~ David Brooks, Introspective or Narcissistic?



  1. kindness is a life-saving raft on a sometimes stormy sea.

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  2. Perfect (and David Brooks and I don’t always agree – not that he knows or cares particularly…)

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  3. Fascinating article, since I’ve journaled all my life.

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  4. Lovely…esp liked “more on the sea of empathy in which you swim”…

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