The Morning News


[I wish…]

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  1. Amen..


  2. Wouldn’t that be a dream?!


  3. Of course, kittens.


  4. are you a news half full or half empty kind of person? )


  5. My first thought was “that would never sell”. Then I realized I am a product of the constant bombardment of negativity.


    • Just heard an interview with Eric Wilson, author of Everyone Loves A Train Wreck, Why We Can’t Look Away. He confirms that we get depressed and desensitized from so much negative news.


      • Yes, all numbing…this is related (somewhat)…

        That we go numb along the way is to be expected. Even the bravest among us, who give their lives to care for others, go numb with fatigue, when the heart can take in no more, when we need time to digest all we meet. Overloaded and overwhelmed, we start to pull back from the world, so we can internalize what the world keeps giving us. Perhaps the noblest private act is the unheralded effort to return: to open our hearts once they’ve closed, to open our souls once they’ve shied away, to soften our minds once they’ve been hardened by the storms of our day.

        ―Mark Nepo, “Hearing the Cries of the World” (Read Nepo’s full essay here.)


  6. I love that paper. Get it as soon as it’s out. Every two years.


  7. I wish too…thanks for the smile 🙂


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