Sylvan Esso is a 2-person band from Durham, N.C., lead by Amelia Meath (vocals) and Nick Sanborn (electronic producer). (Love the beat. No comment on the facial adornments and hand movements.)


  1. If I can’t comment on her arms…can I at least say I found her actions distracting?


  2. Voice good. Had to listen without watching too.


  3. No less distracting than Joe Cocker at the height of his own musical fits. Then again, there is that nose ring. But I make no judgement considering what’s in my own past. I only guess we did what we did so we could tell stories about it later. 🙂

    She’s good. Some late night, gotta pick up on this some more… – J.


  4. I rather enjoyed her myself. Love the “adornments” and the movements. They’re poetic. Music hypnotic………….of course I could be somewhat prejudiced. 😉


  5. Funny, I couldn’t watch Joe Cocker – though I loved his music. And I couldn’t watch Johnn Mathis sing because he moved his mouth so much…This woman has a lot of talent, if not the least quirky stage presence..


  6. i enjoyed her lilting sweet voice and think it’s quite an interesting duo, he’s got a unique talent of sorts as well. i always wonder how a pair of musicians first find each other and decide to collaborate. it almost felt like listening to a pair of improv jazz musicians just riffling and playing off of each other, knowing each other well and following where the other leads. the movements didn’t bother me really, just seemed like a display of how she was feeling the music flow through and around her. (lots of rambling in this answer)


  7. The first time, I listened while milling about the kitchen. After reading the comments, I watched and listened. (Great sound!). I loved her movements, they were so natural, her self expression unforced. It would have been so awkward watching her try to keep her arms and hands still.


  8. I found the gyrations on the electronics just as distracting. LOVED them once I scrolled out of visual range.


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