Are you getting lapped?


Tim Sanders: If You Don’t Expand This Annually, You Are Getting Lapped:

Here’s the point: If you aren’t expanding your resume every year, you are likely being getting lapped in the sport of business by those that do.  You can improve a resume without changing jobs.  You can add areas of expertise or new areas of project work.  You can add volunteer work, hobbies or interests. You can add professional associations you’ve joined and contributed to.  All of these additions give your career a sense of momentum, which gives you the confidence to embrace change. My point is more salient for those reading this post born in my generations (Boomer and Echo Boomer).  We become very comfortable with our titles, our financial stability and our status…

Read more on how here.

Image Credit: Thank you Carol


  1. Very true and thanks for the reminder!


  2. This is so true, “You can improve a resume without changing jobs” as we learn so much at work place that at times we really don’t need to change our jobs in order to improve our resumes.


  3. It’s important to grow throughout out lives.


  4. So good to be re-connected with Internet service again…this is really so true.


  5. All it takes is thinking out of the box to see what we do/offer in a new way–more congruence to the seminar I attended. This must be a sign…..


  6. i hope to never stop learning.


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