Sunday Morning: Fulfillment

I was transported by this short film. Wonderful photography, paintings and family.  These two have it together.

Painter David Marshak and photographer Sarah Tacoma talk about their love of art and each other as they describe the building of their “tiny little kingdom…

“And fulfillment is a different word from happiness, right. Fulfillment is an enriched experience that comes from several different angles …”

You can find more of their work at and


  1. “One wanes, when the other waxes” – the flow of love so simply defined. A perfect Sunday morning clip, Dave. I was particularly drawn to the paintings of trees – and completely ‘get’ how he appreciates being able to sit outside in the woods and observe the changes throughout the day (as opposed to sitting in a studio). Beautiful baby, chosen life path, ideal partner – yes, fulfilling.


  2. A rich, happy, life indeed. Fulfilled.


  3. wanting to live life fully, not just happy. they are soft and slow and gentle souls who have connected in the same time and place and found fulfillment. so lovely.


  4. It really is all about quality of life…thanks for sharing this David.


  5. Ahhhh… I love this. So much. Their artwork is so beautiful..I want to fill my walls with their pieces. And I completely caught the idea of ‘quality of life’ – they have found the way. And how Sarah commented about it being a rich life. Very lovely.


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