Sunday Morning: Amstel Quartet

The Amstel Quartet is a classical saxophone quartet from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  They play old music, new music, popular music, world music.  This has earned the foursome a host of admirers all over the world. The Amstel Quartet wins awards regularly and has international recognition. The four men continue to express their love for the saxophone and the unique versatility of the saxophone quartet as a perfect unity, with original CDs, a scintillating series in the Amsterdam Felix Meritis, performances in beautiful halls such as the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, the Philharmonie in Luxemburg, Carnegie Hall in New York and extensive tours through Europe, Russia, the Middle East, China, Japan and the United States. (Source: Amstelquartet)

Find their album on iTunes here.


  1. I felt transported…happy Sunday..


  2. Wow. My little alto sax had dreams of being this good in high school. Sadly, no.


  3. Very soothing. A nice way to wake up on a Sunday morning.


  4. I appreciate you letting me know about the Amstel Quartet, David. They are getting my Sunday morning off to a beautiful, thoughtful, melodious start. Also, this is reminding met that I used to love and listen to a jazz saxophone chorus (whose name is escaping me, right now). Thanks for all of it.


  5. thank you dave, a lovely wake up.


  6. Simply beautiful David, when you shut your eyes and listen you can go just about anywhere drifting in the music!


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