5:07 am. And inspired.

pumpkins susan licht

Susan @ Licht Years  kicks us off with her pumpkin photograph above.  Check out more inspiring shots of Autumn in a post she has titled Orange Crush.

MJ @ emjayandthem with her post titled Beautiful People:Traveling this week for business, I found myself tossed into a sea of humanity. Rolling suitcases. iPhones & ear buds. Cell conversations continuing as doors are closed. Electricity charging areas in airport waiting rooms.  Subtle manners not consistently displayed. Standing in line, I noticed something consistent in every airport I waited: no one looked at each other, everyone looked down …thumbs moving.   All this technology connects us yet people seem more isolated than ever.  ~sigh~ And then there she was…” Read more at this link.  And if you liked this post, don’t miss MJ’s post titled “Like That.

Bonnie @ Pagekeeper with her post titled: You listen, is what you do: “What do you do, when you meet someone and walk away from the conversation and a little voice inside says, ‘we need to help her’? You listen, is what you do. And you talk about it with someone who is willing to listen to you. Listen to you share your feeling of being moved by another human being and their misfortune, difficulty, hardship, heartbreak. You risk feeling vulnerable about caring so much. You push past the feelings of uncertainty. And, you listen to those  who encourage you to not lose the moment, to not let it pass. And then, you do something about it. Get busy. Make something happen.” Read the full, moving story here.

Sheri @ The Other Side of Ugly with her post titled The Way You Love: “You continually focus on living comfortably, being preoccupied with your daily routines in life because they give the appearance and often the sensation of fullness…In so doing you regularly forget to focus on the “what” you are LIVING for. Work? Money? Possessions? I think not. Wait I actually know not.” Read more here.

Steve @ Anderson Layman’s Blog with his share titled So You Want to Be a Writer? That’s Mistake #1: ““Getting published is easy.  Getting anyone to care?  Well, that’s the hard part.”

Jeff @ View From A Ledge with his post titled Word by Word by Word: I never wrote under any rules or guidelines – I would guess just from my experience traveling thru the education system in NYC and my reading habits, I’ve picked up some instinctive ways of writing and phrasing. The rhythm itself is my own – everyone who writes, from poets to sales people have their own rhythm. It’s a feeling of when something works and something doesn’t. No book can really teach you that. So when I came across “anaphora”…I found it intriguing that there was actually a word for the process that I’ve long admired in powerful speakers and writers.”  Read more here.

Nia @ Photography of Nia with her post titled SparrowsBe sure to check out her blog here.


Have a great Hump Day…


  1. thank you david, for offering us these opportunities to be connected to many of the people out there who can inspire us to be better, (as well as to the animals, including caleb).


  2. Thank you dear David, it would be nice to meet with new blogs and people. Have a nice day, love, nia


  3. I just read some of MJ’s posts. Thanks for the link, David. Her writing is so inspirational. 🙂


  4. David..thank you so very much!


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