Evolution. In Reverse.


“…If you have ever been to a Disney theme park, and have seen a family with a disabled child escorted to the front of a long line to a ride, has your reaction been:

  1. To offer a silent prayer of thanks for your own family’s good fortune to be healthy and able-bodied;
  2. To think good thoughts about Disney for having the compassion to take care of the park’s disabled guests this way; or:
  3. To regard this as a great opportunity for you to pull a con, an easy way to turn the situation to your own family’s advantage?

Apparently answer No. 3 is more common than you might hope, because this week the Walt Disney Co. announced a significant change to procedures at Walt Disney theme parks. No longer will families with disabled children or parents be allowed to go to the front of long lines. One of the reasons for the change, a Disney spokeswoman said, was to curtail “abuse of this system” by healthy families pretending that some of its members are ill or disabled. In May, the New York Post reported that wealthy parents were hiring disabled “tour guides” to blend in with their families and enable them to go to the front of lines. As coldly cynical as this sounded, as snickeringly selfish, there was more: Websites serving families with disabled children featured message boards with infuriating tales of healthy people renting wheelchairs to avoid waiting in Disney theme-park lines…”

If you haven’t hurled yet and want to read more, find full article @ wsj.com: It’s a Small-Minded World, Disney Learns

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  1. 😦


  2. How sad is this? I wonder how people who do these things sleep at night 😦


  3. a very sad statement on humanity. the worst part for me is what this is teaching the children.


  4. Don’t really ‘like’ the post – how sad, really sad.


  5. Good grief. Just when you think you’ve heard it all. This is despicable….I can’t help but think (hope, pray) that Karma will deal with such individuals–it can have a nasty “recoil.”


  6. I can’t say I’m surprised. Congress, you know.


  7. Alex Jones says:

    Rather cynical manipulation of good intentions.


  8. I heard about this on the news…truly disgusting.


  9. Sickening.


  10. Truly cringe-worthy …


  11. So how is one to believe that there is ‘a little good’ in everyone??! 😦


  12. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    “Like” is the wrong button to hit.
    O. M. G.
    I can’t even fathom this.


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