Soft Place to Land

Kathleen Edwards, 35is a Canadian singer-songwriter and musician. She was born in Ottawa, Ontario to the daughter of a former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. At age 5, Edwards began classical violin studies that continued for the next 12 years. After high school she decided not to attend college, instead opting to play local clubs to pay the bills. Her musical sound has been compared to Suzanne Vega meets Neil Young. In 2012, Edwards’ fourth studio album, Voyageur, became Edwards’ first album to crack the top 100 and top 40 in the U.S., peaking at #39 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and #2 in Canada.  (Source: Wiki)

Find Edwards’ Voyageur album on iTunes at this link.

Kathleen Edwards’ official web site.


  1. she is a lovely talent with a gift. i am always very taken by strings.


  2. Really nice, David…but what I need to know is…what kind of shoes will she be wearing when she lands? 🙂


  3. So nice! And perfect to drift off by late on Sunday night. Thanks David


  4. So enjoyed Kathleen Edwards, thanks so much!


  5. Yep. Another one for my list “David’s Music that I Must Get.”
    Hey, and congrats on getting below your target weight!


  6. Pretty and talented too.


  7. Talented and beautiful. I loved this.


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