If the sun were a tree

leaves, vase,light

If the sun were a tree
Its leaves would be this shining color
And they would drop
Over the toes of my boots
Ankle deep.
When I step
There would be the sound
Of light breaking.

— Tom Hennen

Credits: Poem via A Poet Reflects from Hennen’s closing lines to “Wild Aspen Leaves, October,” in Darkness Sticks to Evertything: Collected and New Poems (Copper Canyon Press, 2013); Image: Your Eyes Blaze Out via Elinka (Maple Leaf In Autumn Night)

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  1. Lovely….autumn is coming on strong here–leaves are beginning to ignite in flames of yellow, orange and red, the sun casts a long arm across the landscape, the squirrels are busy foraging and prepping for winter, and the birds perch on the limbs of nearby trees, discussing the months ahead. I love it….


  2. ah – to be bathed in the glow and the warmth of the sun’s arms.


  3. Great fall post


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    What a glorious thought! My mood is immediately lightened 🙂


  5. The picture is amazing.


  6. Ooo. I like this one.


  7. mmmm…very very nice.


  8. Short – but beautifully sweet, like this on a very much!! 😀


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