Just Ripe?

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The Optimum Edibility of an Avocado

Source: ilovecharts


  1. Laughing – this is so accurate.


  2. This is so true–to hit the time when an avocado is perfect is perfect timing–I so seldom hit it on the head–one day it is hard–the next day it has brown spots


  3. Nothing better than a perfectly ripe avocado!


  4. Boy is THIS spot on! Just went through this dance yesterday. Had a few avocados on the counter that I swear two days ago were hard as baseballs, then yesterday I checked them and they’ve practically become guacamole on the counter! Crazy….but boy are they yummy in those chance times when you hit it spot on…. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. So true!


  6. Brought tears to my eyes with laughter. Linked on mine.


  7. so true, the window of opportunity here just opens ever so slightly and then it is guacamole.


  8. Why do they take so long to ripen? WHY? WHY? Arrrrrgh. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. I am just about to eat one!


  10. LOL.


  11. Too funny- no wonder I never get it just ripe!


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