Millennials. Listen up.


#2: Writing Effectively.  My 10th Grade English teacher underscored this for me YEARS ago.  And I see too much today that hurts the eyes.

Source: Pewresearch


  1. Interesting how the concept of ‘working effectively with others’ doesn’t even make the list.


  2. Amen on that hurting the eyes business.


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    This as much for anyone still in the workforce as it is for millennials! Good catch, David…


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  5. Being a millennial myself, I completely agree with this list. I wish I could pass it along to my peers, because many would benefit from these points.


  6. I’m glad to hear that writing is still considered important.


  7. To be able to write effectively and concretely is really important because one needs to produce a resume and an application letter. The rest will follow, I think.


  8. I am not satisfied with the list. There is a lot more that should be added in the list like for example: presentation skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, working in a team etc.


  9. And another vote for #2! Can’t begin to tell you the stuff I see in my day to day work. Ack! If you can’t express yourself cogently, you’re going to have problems. No way around it….


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