Happy Mother’s Day

mute swan with baby

Northern Sea Otter and baby

seal mom and baby



Sources: Swan. Northern Sea Otter. Seal. Polar Bear. Lemur.

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  1. Thank you David. Have a wonderful family day yourself!


  2. There’s just something about mamas and their babies that makes the heart melt. Have a lovely day, David, and a very happy Mother’s Day to Susan!


  3. Reblogged this on Simple & Interesting. and commented:
    Happy Mother’s Day !


  4. I could just look at photos of animal babies and their parents all day (presuming that these are not the type of parents who eat their young). Lovely and loving. Happy Mom’s Day wishes to Susan and thank you for the smiles this morning..


  5. Thank you!


  6. Nobody cares like a mother does.


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