Such was the force of her presence that what came after her was defined in terms of her absence


She changed us all. We went from being a people who saw ourselves as eternally on the downward slide to a nation that was proud to be British again.  

The UK’s first woman prime minister transformed a sclerotic British economy, all but neutered the trade unions, and endeavored to ‘roll back the frontiers of the state’ … The flip side of her courage, toughness and radicalism was an arrogance, obstinacy and remoteness that became more marked the longer she clung to office … Yet such was the force of her presence that what came after her was defined in terms of her absence.

Born in 1925 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, Margaret Hilda Roberts was the younger daughter of a corner-shop grocer, Alfred Roberts, and his wife Beatrice. He was a self-made man, a Liberal alderman and a father whose tenets of integrity, hard work and self-reliance were strong influences throughout her career. His younger daughter’s self-belief manifested itself early. Told by a teacher how lucky she was to have won a poetry-reading contest, the 10-year-old Margaret replied: “I was not lucky. I deserved it.”

~ Financial Times on Margaret Thatcher (October 13, 1925 – April 8, 2013) who died yesterday. RIP.

Source: Quote from Financial Times: Margaret Thatcher: ‘Iron Lady’ Who Remade Britain.  Image from


  1. Regardless of how one feels about her, you can’t deny she was a “force of nature…”


  2. I can’t say Lady Thatcher and I always agreed (full disclosure – she never knew this, for we never met), but I was awed by her confidence, her composure even when royally enflamed (excuse the pun) and her passion which I considered magnificent.


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  4. Agree with the above comments. Iron Lady indeed.


  5. Alex Jones says:

    It was an honour for me yesterday to visit the previous Colchester home of Margaret Thatcher yesterday. By luck as I appeared so the owner of the house drove into the driveway. The owner of the house was shocked when I told her this was the house of Margaret Thatcher, the house in which her political career began back in 1949. I was happy to beat the local journalist in telling that householder the news, she was running around telling all her neighbours afterwards. I live ten minutes walk from that house. I salute Margaret Thatcher, I regret her loss.


  6. I admire her poise, that came from confidence. Lucky to have won the poetry contest–indeed!


  7. Michael Zahaby says:

    Thanks for this. I was Huuuuge fan. A woman of great courage and convictions


  8. A very determined and powerful figure.


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