Ten Thousand Hours of Practice to Mastery…

Dilbert Mediocrity

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  1. I loved that cartoon when I saw it on the paper this morning! There IS a difference between 10,000 hours of “practice” and 10,000 hours of accumulated experience. Unfortunately, many people do not realise that difference… And in addition to that, the QUALITY of the experience is more valuable that the QUANTITY. You will learn more from 100 hours of leading an intelligent and challenging group, and reflecting about it, than from 10,000 hours of leading a bunch of idiots who follow you blindly while you don’t give it a second thought!


  2. Laughing….so much to do, so little time…. :-/


  3. This confirms my belief that I will never ever achieve greatness. And, I’m ok with that..I think. Oh wait – with this as the criteria, I am absolutely great at obsessing.


  4. Alex Jones says:

    After 10,000 hours of practice everyone is good at something, even if it is only good at watching television.


  5. I bet a lot of people feel good about this one!


  6. Love the cartoon.


  7. I feel SO much better now…*sigh*…thank you. You did a public service today… 🙂


  8. Heh, heh, heh… Leave it to Dogbert to put things in the right perspective! He, along with Calvin, is one of the great philosophers of our generation… 😀


  9. petit4chocolatier says:

    Too funny!!



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