We shuffle to…

psychology, up and down, mood swings, mental health, quote, failure, success

Source: Stuffandsonenterprises


  1. Whatever happened to 1,2, 3 – go!? 😉


  2. I think you had it mostly right. 1. Pause. 2 stop. 3 go. 1 pause. 2 go. 3 stop.


  3. Could you hum a few lines of that?


  4. Catchy little tune, isn’t it?


  5. Seems like a scary way to combine both human beings and binary! :O


  6. On and Off, we switch on moods and get off too, but then with effort we get on again and off is huge pain, this binary beat is not a treat.


  7. Hurry, hurry, wait, wait.


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