Keep crawling forward and paying attention as we go.

there is no finish line - keep going

The Big Payoff by Steven Pressfield

“…The Big Payoff is central to the American dream…it might be the dream job, the fantasy spouse, the smash hit that puts us over the top.  American Idol is built on the fascination of the Big Payoff. So is Celebrity Apprentice…The dream of the Big Payoff is that it will change our lives. I’ve succumbed to this dream. Have you?  In my life, I’ve had moments that could qualify as Big Payoffs…The truth is there is no Big Payoff…

“…No matter what crown they put on your head, you wake up tomorrow morning facing the same Resistance and hearing the same Muse’s call. You’re still you. Your destiny may have changed, but you’ve still gotta fulfill it, and no one and nothing can help you…”

“Me, I keep coming back to the idea of “having a practice.” A practice is lifelong. A practice promises no nirvana. The whole point of a practice is that we discover meaning (and define ourselves) in the act of struggle and the expression of aspiration. It will help us, I believe, to let go of the dream of a Big Payoff.  We’re humans. We can’t go back to the Garden…all we can do is keep crawling forward, paying attention as we go.”

Image Source: stayingstrongwithddl via insight-inspiration


  1. Direct and plans and God laughs…better to keep your pace regular and constant. Good Thursday morning David.


  2. David: More young people should learn about the Big Payoff lie. Wish I had learned it much earlier. Thanks for the post, I will send it to my daughter.


  3. Good morning David, great post and a lesson that is better learned early in life. I missed reading your blog posts while I was out of the country. I was amazed that I there was no wireless in the village I was in. It really was good to be disconnected for awhile. Have a great Thursday 🙂


  4. Brick by brick, with faith as mortar…and maybe a little luck. Love Pressfield. Great post.


  5. Excellent.


  6. Fantastic article. Too many think success will happen through osmosis. Daily practice, practice, practice…what life is all about.


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