Easing into nap time with Thomas Dybdahl…

Thomas Dybdahl, Norwegian solo artist, plays piano and sings “It’s always been you.”  Soothing-calming performer.

Like it?  Check out 3 of my other Dybdahl favorites on YouTube @:

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  1. Nice…..


  2. Mmm, like this guy’s sound, David! Another great singer suggestion, thx! One of my current fav finds is Kat Edmondson. Check out her rendition of “Summertime” on the ‘Take to the Sky’ cd. Ahhhhhh….


  3. I love that piano. What a rich sound. But after all, it IS a Steinway. And the music – it’s touching. Something different, and mellow.


    • LaDona's Music Studio says:

      It’s his pedal technique. And you absolutely can’t go wrong with a Steinway – so perfect and easy to control and get any colour you want.

      Another wonderful video, Dave. Haven’t heard of him either, of course (I’m guessing less famous than -oh dear, I forget the name – the one last weekend that I liked). But lovely and melting – really perfect for easing into my summer. Dinner’s almost ready, glass of wine in hand, don’t even remember the student’s name who gave me so much grief…


    • Glad you enjoyed it LaDona. He’s one of my favorite artists.


    • Thanks Anneli. Yes, soulful and mellow….


  4. Sublime.


    • Thanks Sandy. I actually had to look up the word (sublime). “Of such excellence, grandeur, or beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe….” Yes, I completely agree. 🙂


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