Just in case you missed this for 5/20/2012

Here’s 1.5 minutes of inspiration to kick-off your day. This man came to the U.S. with no job, no money and couldn’t speak English. I wonder if *I* could have done what he did. Thank you Todd for sharing this inspiring short video clip.


  1. An inspiration.


  2. lkanigan says:

    Good for him!! Love to see & hear people winning. Makes me feel like I can do so much more.


  3. Hard worker, ambitious man. Good for him!


  4. Reblogged this on Not Perfect Me and commented:
    Totally amazing!


  5. Having grown up on the farm and gone to college on a scholarship, I am totally applauding this guy for working his way through Columbia and graduating with honors. So very right on while so many are whining about high tuition costs and student loans, etc. How many of them scrubbed toilets, eh?


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