Painting With Sound (and Colors!)

Check out Megan’s post at her cool site @ Make Something Monday’s where she features Martin Klimas’ photography.  “Klimas splatters colors of paint on a speaker and cranks up the volume.”  The paint splatters from vibrations from the speaker and Klimas takes the shots.”  See more photos and background information at Megan’s site.  Awesome shots…






















Thank you Ledia Runnels @ Exploration Art for showing me the way to Megan’s site.

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  1. I imagine you’d have to wear an apron to listen to heavy metal music.


  2. WOW. This looks so cool!


  3. what a cool pic!!


  4. An artist thinking outside the box for sure!


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    Thanks for the eye candy to dress up my blog…


  7. That’s wild!


  8. Beautiful indeed! I can see the flow patterns, obviously resonating with some rhythmically clanging sound. I love this!


  9. Marvelously inspiring! So joyous and jiggley am I looking at this post!


  10. I’m going there!! 😉

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