Sunday Morning: You can never hold back Spring…


  1. Love the stills taken in the video!


  2. Thank you for sharing this post. I really enjoyed it!


  3. Terrific…Thank you.


  4. Thanks – perfect, this is the first thing I saw today online and it wil be a good day. Happy Sunday to all.


  5. Oohhhh I forgot how much I loved this song. Thank you for reminding me!


  6. Waits is an icon. Songwriting such as his is sadly absent on the FM dial. Highly recommend a Ton Waits Pandora channel.


    • Will certainly check it out. First time I heard him was in Italian flick (Wedding Spring / Sarongi Spring/The Tiger and The Snow). I was mesmerized and since then a buyer. Thanks Len.


  7. This is great for Monday mornings too. I posted this to facebook for all the organic gardeners out there who need to weed there garden! in more ways than one! Beautiful, courages, and timely vidio. Thank you David!


  8. Praises lifted to the highest heavens that we “can never hold back spring”. Huzzas and hallelujahs!


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