Words Matter – or – The Curious Case of the Patagonian Tooth Fish

Gavin McMahon (makeapowerfulpoint.com) has an excellent blog on PowerPoint and powerful communications. Beautifully designed. Thoughtful. Intelligent recommendations and examples. Highly recommended.

make a powerful point

Words Matter - or - the Curious Case of the Patagonian Toothfish

On the Menu tonight we have steamed Patagonian Toothfish on a bed of wild rice, or pan-seared Chilean Sea Bass with wild mushrooms and fresh spinach. What would you like? Can’t interest you in the Toothfish? really? It’s the same thing. Back in 1977 some marketing smartypants decided that people wouldn’t eat it if it looked and sounded ugly. The looks could be cared for with a filleting knife and a good pan, but the name had to go. Going old school wouldn’t work, since Dissostichus eleginoides just doesn’t trip off the tongue. So the Chilean Sea Bass was born. We’ve been eating it ever since.

The words we use matter. They hook people. They move them from one side of an issue to another. They make people buy. They help people understand. If pictures are the soul of communication, words are the heart. So why, once we put on a…

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