Pull the Pin? No. No. No. Don’t quit. Bleed from your eyeballs if you have to, but don’t stop.

There are days…we all have them…when the hill feels too steep.  You wonder if all of the time and effort of the pursuit will pay off.  Steven Pressfield nails this entry and exit in his inspirational post “My Years in Wilderness.”  Worthy…

 …When I was struggling to teach myself how to write, I was so far gone that the idea of choice never entered the equation. The question wasn’t, Does this make sense? Am I getting anywhere? The question was, “Am I out of my mind? How much farther down is this road gonna take me?”  ….

…The tramps in the bunkhouses had an expression: “Pull the pin.”  The term came from the old railroad days when the switching crews would literally pull a steel pin to uncouple one car from another. “Pull the pin” meant to bolt, to pack up in the middle of the night. You might wake up and the bunk next to yours would be empty. “What happened to Jack?” “He pulled the pin…

…Don’t quit. Bleed from your eyeballs if you have to, but don’t stop. What kept me going was the same thing that kept those dancers working at the barre. I just loved it. Even when the work was garbage, which was 99.9% of the time, I had to keep trying—and if you’re trying now, God bless you. Keep hammering. If you have a choice, you’ll know it and you’ll stop. But you who are like me … you don’t have a choice. Don’t quit. Keep slugging. It takes time. There’s a price. Keep hammering.”

Source: Steve Pressfield: My Years in the Wilderness

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