Make it a Level 5 Good Morning

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Something so simple.  Yet, so true. Yes, it takes time.  Yes, an introvert would need to leave the safety of their comfort zone.  Making a human connection.  I care.  You matter.  Need to work up to top of the ladder.  See full and worthy post from The Chief Happiness Officer:

“Please do not underestimate the effect of something as simple as saying good morning at work.  Studies show that when you have a good start to your work day, you’ll typically have a good day. Here’s our easiest and best tip for kicking your work day off with happiness: The Level 5 Good Morning.  We call it that because there are several approaches to saying good morning at work:

  • Level 0: You ignore people completely
  • Level 1: A somewhat unintelligible grunt
  • Level 2: Saying good morning without looking at people
  • Level 3: Make eye contact as you say good morning
  • Level 4: Also say something more than just good morning, e.g. “How are you?” or something more personal.
  • Level 5: Also touch the other person – e.g. a handshake or a pat on the shoulder.

At what level are the typical good mornings in your workplace? And what would happen if you took it to level 5?”

Even a dog can learn to do it for Pete’s sake…

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Image Sources: Whale and Dog.

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  1. You are definitely a Level-5 blogger, David. Keep em coming.

  2. I was always a level 5 when I was working – made such a difference to the grunters!

  3. Excellent, level 5 post! :-) Great advise.

  4. Very interesting, David. I’ve always been a Level 5 greeter, but then again, I’m a big hugger too, so I guess it kind of follows… ;-) I’m just a “patter,” always have been, always will be. I do know that I have always been struck by people who greet this way-it never fails to stick with me when it happens….:-)

  5. P.S. amazingly cool photo of the diver and the whale!

  6. I was taught when you enter a room you always speak to the people there. Now touching people in this day and age maybe a little tricky. I like to give a hug to the people I know well. Love the photos.


  7. Then there is level six, but that often results in a slap in the face and termination….Let’s hear it for those that stop and live at “five”. If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands.

  8. Strive for five. My new mantra. I imagine each day will become easier and easier to achieve it too. (I personally think eye contact is more important than the touch.)

  9. Strive for five – I like that!
    I think we hover around 3 and 4 in my office…
    That dog is soooooo sweet !!

  10. I’m a definite level 4 person, unless I know someone well. Then Level 5 is allowed out.

  11. Nice job, Dave. Applies at home, too. I’m certain that a Level 5 start for kids supports learning and more positive interactions at school throughout the day.

  12. Wow, love that first pic! Good morning to you, David. Have a really great day. :)

  13. I am at level 4 :) no touching , no handshakes

  14. Oh…that I miss at my old workplace, those level 5 good mornings. Right now, the most we get is Level 3. At least I’m getting a Level 5 here! :)

  15. I had a boss who never said good morning. She came in a barked an order at me. I loved the job, but hated her.

  16. It’s been years since I’ve been out there in the workplace – it’s a long way from my nice cozy self-employment. I almost feel I can’t comment but – if I was, I’m sure I wouldn’t get past level 4. The touching is great at home and among friends. I’d be wary of it at work. Giving or receiving.

  17. Yes, yes, yes…Lori is right – as are you..I’m a level 6 greeter – and was that way at work too. Everyone and anyone. And I’ve met some of the coolest people in the most unlikely places. And of course I fell in love with this picture too, even though I’m really afraid of the depths of the ocean. But to get that close to a whale? I’d love that. I’m not even going to begin to discuss the affection I feel for the husky – what a guy.

  18. Our office has level 4 and level 5 greeters and our days are generally good even when they are not those that work there still come out on the better side at the end of the day.

  19. I loved it so much, you are amazing dear David, I loved level 5 :)

  20. I am not a touchy feely kind of person so I am comfortably at level 4. lol

  21. Giving a whale a HIGH 5 is a dream.

  22. In today’s climate I never touch another person. Level 5 is a no go area.

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