Monday Morning Wake-Up Call (Volume Up)

Cygnet Wakes. Video (Volume Up) from this morning’s walk at Cove Island Park.  Other photos on FB here.


  1. Is anyone else concerned about the obsessive-compulsive way the little one focuses on personal hygiene?? And if there’s any question – I’m kidding!

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  2. ❤️

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  3. Pure delight

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  4. ❤️🙂

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  5. Everything he does is precious! …he’s learned to groom himself…!

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  6. It’s so cool that you can get so close to the family. Back in the day I recall they may have seen you as a stalker.


    • I’m guessing they still view me as a stalker, probably a harmless one today. And yes. I’m able to get quite close. Close enough to catch them on camera but far enough not to disrupt their family time.

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  7. I recall you mentioning you wanted to work on your videography skills… THIS IS AMAZING.


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