Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

Well, I tell you, one thing I would say about your film is that, what would be really interesting for people to see, is how beautiful things grow out of shit. Because nobody ever believes that. You know, everybody thinks that Beethoven had his string quartets completely in his head. They’d somehow appeared there and formed in his head. Before he, and all he had to do was write them down and they would kind of be manifest to the world. But I think what’s, what’s so interesting and what would really be a lesson that everybody should learn is that things come out of nothing. Things evolve out of nothing. You know, the, the tiniest seed in the right situation turns into the most beautiful forest. And then the most promising seed in the wrong situation turns into nothing. And I think this would be important for people to understand, because it gives people confidence in their own lives to know that that’s how things work. If you walk around with the idea that there are some people who are so gifted, they have these wonderful things in their head, but you’re not one of them, you’re just sort of a normal person, you could never do anything like that, then you live a different kind of life, you know. You, you could have another kind of life where you can say, where you say, well, I know that things come from nothing very much and start from unpromising beginnings, and I’m an unpromising beginning, and I could start something.

— Brian Eno, “Beauty” (Track 5) in “Here Is What Is” (via )



  1. I really love this thinking


  2. Such a positive perspective and one that I firmly believe….🙂


  3. Preach, Brian!💕


  4. Ahh now that is refreshing 😎


  5. Ah, yes. Effort is always required, and nothing worth doing is done easily. Thank you for this reminder 🙂

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  6. I was just texting with our Dale about this. It’s just crystallizes out of nowhere. Not really nowhere.
    You know what I mean 🙂


  7. Anything and everything comes from the Lord but He surely expect us to produce our anything and everything with a little help from us. I say that because I need to finish my book. I have been waiting on the Lord to strike me with what it needs to be finished only to realize I am what He needs, I need to get on with it and finish it. thanks for the encouragement with your post

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  8. I like the responses from Betty and the other’s…I know that we are all Works In Progress…each one of us is significant to someone, although, most will not be aware of the significance that we leave, upon another …we don’t have to be brilliant, well know or talented…we just need to be caring & kind…and I know in my life I keep trying…to move forward, positively…
    Kindly, Christie

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