we have an unstoppable will to go forward

PS: It’s like every time i get pushed down and crushed, I seem to get more information…Parkinson’s had made me aware of time. Like, really aware of it. My sense of mission, my sense of this is what I’m supposed to do, that got much stronger in me. If I don’t do that, I start to think about “Oh, Shit, this happened to me.” “What a drag.” You know, it makes life harder. Then you go into this whole pity party thing. It’s a complete waste of time.

JH: Do you ever get into that zone, the pity party zone?

PS: Yeah, I get in it all the time, but I’m very fast at getting out of it. […] Because the whole premise of this is we’re not gonna win every time, we certainly can’t be perfect, we can’t control it, but we have an unstoppable will to go forward… Basically its the same goal, which is, “Schmuck, take action, no matter how frightened you are.”

Phil Stutz & Jonah Hill, from Stutz, (Netflix, 2022)


  • Lori suggested that I watch. I’ve watched it front to back 3x. Powerful.
  • Stutz: Rated R for frank language. Running time: 1 hour 36 minutes. Watch on Netflix.
  • NY Times Film Review: ‘Stutz’ Review: An Actor’s Tribute to a Therapist. In his documentary, Jonah Hill gently turns the tables on the famed Hollywood psychiatrist and author Phil Stutz.


  1. OK good enough recommendation…I’ll watch it!


  2. Ahhh pal, I am so glad this spoke to you the way it spoke to me. The honesty, the humility, the painful recollections…it all resonated.

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  3. what a great attitude about living with challenges, applies to everything

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  4. Powerful and centripetal. It isn’t the outward movement but the drive that arises from within. 💛


  5. Sounds like he has a good attitude.


  6. Raylene Rieder says:

    Did this speak to me?
    You’ve got to be kidding!
    Neuroendocrine Tumors…throughout…rare…
    …and raw.
    I’ve got the nails…but my oncologist has yet to hand me the hammer.
    Just. Keep. Going.

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  7. Intrigued, will watch at some point. When I read the title of this post I thought it was going to be a story about your determination to go on your morning walk every day, in spite of all the challenges 😁


  8. Loved this. Will def watch again. 👏

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  9. REM’s “Everybody Hurts” provides the soundtrack when I watch this (twice so far)…there is so much that resonates – arguably with everyone who watches this…our childhood trauma, the hurts that live in our shadow, etc…a lot to take in and a lot to share – one day with a glass of wine.

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  10. AFter 3 days prep for Christmas dinner for 16 and then, last night another dinner for 8, the kitchen is once again cleaned up, Beaumont is back in bed after his morning saunter (ok, prance and run) and I am ready to now curl up with my laptop and watch this! Thank you for the inspiration this morning DK!


  11. BTW — that will to ‘keep moving forward’ is something I witnessed everyday working in a homeless shelter. No matter how messed up someone’s life was, the will to keep moving forward was always present.


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