Sunday Morning (19 sec)

DK Video @ Cove Island Park @ 5:53 a.m. this morning. Photos from this morning’s walk here.


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    Early light!! … Awesome!!

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  2. yesssss

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  3. The beginning of one of Attenborough’s Planet Earth episodes…so peaceful and promising..

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  4. Is there anything more tranquil than the sound of waves lapping the shore? Happy Sunday, pal!

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  5. 19 seconds!
    I’m trying to say something here. But it’s not coming out right.


  6. This is what folks who sleep in miss.

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  7. Lovely!


  8. Wow wow wow

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  9. What a great morning. Loved your photos on Instagram.

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  10. Beautiful video and photos my fav. photo is #2…I can’t believe your warm temp…we are 30 degrees colder<<<unbelievable for us to be so cold..we still have lots of tomato plants w/blooms and green tomatoes…lots of green tomatoes in the house too/// We had snow mixed w/rain -we had a wind storm and lots of rain, some spots a little bit north had 5", a northern coastal town had over 4" in 24 hours…waves up to 25 ft, and the highest wind gust at 8,000ft was measured at 115 mph – we did not go for a walk yesterday or today…as you know I don't live in an area that doesn't gets snow often- when we do it is a dusting…it is suppose to snow here and stick on Wednesday and Thursday…

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