Autumn: October 13, 1946.

Thank you Kurt @ Cultural Offering.


  1. love this a lot

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  2. Each sentence was a picture…

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  3. Wow, I don’t need to read anything else for days now ❤️
    He understands.

    Also, I’ve been in denial for too long now. I need reading glasses.

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  4. Autumn, I think I love it. But, my feet are cold. Enjoyed this rapid fire report on everybody in the town, the family…

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  5. My favorite season. Nice read DK

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  6. Autumn… beautiful reading for me too. Thank you dear David, I am afraid we would be reading more articles, books, like that from the past in the future… even I don’t mention our generation… Everything changes and disappears what we know… anyway, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

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  7. Sure brings back a few memories.

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  8. GORGEOUS. Thank you for sharing.

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  9. Such nostalgia, I loved reading this. Thank you!


  10. What a great essay. Loved it. (Damn, I wish I could write like that!)

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  11. You lead me astray – again…. How can you live with ‘that’? 😉
    I got completely sucked in first in that wonderfully observed and felt description, then by the cited blogger Kurt. I simply don’t know how you can keep up with reading ALL those many referred to other medias, books, etc. And I also wonder if all those incredibly interesting and tireless bloggers have still ‘another life’ – you included. It’s so much work and dedication – my (not really lazy) mind boggles!


  12. back to the fold with more thought fodder: I found that text so ‘important’ that I printed it out, then read it again and again as a ‘normal’ text – it’s priceless….

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