Ok. So, what’s the vibe here? Let’s hear it.

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  1. an honest mediation on life, filled with the ebbs and flows of understanding and wondering. an ongoing quest, just trying to figure it all the hell out.

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  2. An on-going respectful conversation between a fabulous group of people on unlimited topics shared by our host.

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  3. A connection – stronger than the strongest sinew. You’ve done that, Dave – give yourself an ‘atta boy’, from all of us

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  4. An inspiration board. A community centre. A book of musing excerpts. A diary of insights.

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  5. An eclectic collection of observations and opinions, served up to an open minded tribe on a predictable (like daily 😊) schedule.

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    • Thank you Ray.
      “Eclectic” – anything over 6 letters I have to look up. “Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” Like it!

      “Tribe” – love that term for this group. It about nails it. “Diverse Sources” agree with that too.

      I bet you pulled this assessment from that cranium of yours in a stream of consciousness in like 20 seconds. Awe inspiring!


  6. I wrote something a few years ago about how it feels to be here. Can’t find it now.

    Being here with you and everyone brings back a feeling from a childhood memory. The vibe is that of playing outside in the summer, mid summer. It’s been a while since school ended and still a while before it starts again. We totally forgot school existed. You know? Those summer days when a day seems like it’s forever. And the sun is suspended in the sky, not going anywhere. Late afternoon expanded like an accordion and added a pocket of time.
    The adults didn’t care where we were. They didn’t even check on is. Exhaustion was the only thing that dragged us back home.
    Then again the same thing the next day….

    Like the children running down the hill from the theme song of Little House on The Prarie, that kind of happiness. All of us, children.

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  7. Ahhh, I love this question! The vibe here? Inviting, irreverent, engaging, intriguing, exuberant, ebullient, contemplative, contrarian, rollicking, risible, irresistible, familiar, familial, fantastic, beloved, the best…..💕💕

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  8. A place where everyone is welcome. (kind of like Cheers)

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  9. Love your authentic vibe DK and the coming together of curious, like minded souls.
    It feels like a gathering in a twenty first century salon.

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  10. The Algonquin Table without the snark….😉

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  11. Coming back to this, currently pretending to be Elsa with a toddler. Love this thread so far.

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  12. Debra Blake says:

    A hungry search — or at least the quiet, hungry search for meaning and being that I’ve always felt — mediated and soothed by beauty — visual, ethereal, poetic — in-formed via the senses

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  13. Most of the above!


  14. DK! Why are you making us all work so hard this morning?
    Okay then, my goal is to create awareness of our world through the natural wonders around us. When did people forget to listen to little birds and animals? You hear a bird sing in your own neighbourhood, but you don’t register it in your mind. You don’t even know what kind of bird makes that sound. The little nuances of nature. A new plant popping up. The formations of clouds. The “nice light” on the trunks of the fir trees in the morning and evening sun. Interactions between animals. Did you hear what they said to each other? No, I’m not crazy (yet), but I do feel so sad for people who go for a walk on a “nature path” only to listen to music through their ear buds. They miss the whole point of walking in “nature.” Or those who walk solo chatting so loudly into their smartphone that the whole neighbourhood hears their personal life story. (I heard one guy in red shorts say he paid $346,000 for his house a few years ago. Did I need to know that as I sat on my deck minding my own business?) Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox for a while now.

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    • 1) Laughing. Anneli, you strike me as that (very) wise traveler who spends only enough energy as required. Sipping. 2) Those loud mouths on cell phones in public (or worse, on airplanes) are in a special class of despicables… 3) Note the silence around the nature walkers with earbuds!

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  15. A writer who’s long loved words and images to match them and adores this space although often uses it for validation, but comes back to her very own soul to be welcomed by a couple of stars.

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  16. Christie says:

    Seems like free flowing eclectic interests, in a daily, soiree…///
    ps: Thank God, we are having a one to two day break from this heat wave…I do not like 96 to 103 & another town 150 miles away was 114 a few days ago – I’ve never been one who can handle the temperature of Heat…of course remembering that excessive “heat” is a 4 letter word…lots of lightening strikes have started the forests on fire…my neighbors escaped to the beach for a few days where it has been 59…

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  17. Bulletholes says:

    Of all the horrible things COVID and working from home did to this country, perhaps what I miss the most is your Driving I-95 posts. See what a malcontent am I?

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