33 years in prison. 2 decades in solitary. 1st day out.

After nearly 33 years in prison — and over two decades in solitary confinement — Jack Powers
embarks on the first day of his new life.  13 min video. But worth your time.

Link to NY Times video here.




  1. Thanks for posting this, David. I couldn’t get to the Time’s article, but found this from the Colorado Independent, which evidently was involved in the civil lawsuit that got Jack out of solitary.


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  2. 22 years in Solitary confinement seems unreal and unworthy. But I guess there’s a bigger story. Sad we let murderers out and do this to a bank robber- not saying that either one is better or worse but we are certainly lenient with shooters and people who kill other people.

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  3. Thanks very much for this Dave. Very powerful. Deeply moving.

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  4. I watched all of this. Amazing to see the joy in his expression and hear the excitement in his voice.

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  5. heart-rending. and he still saw the beauty in the world.


  6. I’ll watch the video later but did read up on his backstory.. horrendous abuse. I wonder if it would help him heal if he knew how much he has suffered in common with Christ.

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  7. I am unable to open the video link.
    All this, because he robbed a bank?

    He expresses himself beautifully…

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    • Search title on NY Times and try go direct. He does.


      • Dear God!
        Just watched the video. There’s so much to say here, but this is not the place for it.
        1. How does one go about their normal day after watching this?
        2. His Mom & Dad….
        There’s a Mahmoud Darwish poem, sung beautifully by Marcel Khalife,
        “I love my life, because if I die, I fear my mother’s tears.”

        I’m searching and searching. Unless I’m missing something, he didn’t kill anyone. Please correct me if I’m wrong


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