Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

I close my eyes. (They) both laugh when I do this. They think you gotta see to paint, but sight is just a distraction from what it really takes to translate image to art. I let it float out my fingers, escape out my breath, and I don’t need to see when my body is an entire vision.

Leila Mottley, Nightcrawling: A Novel (Knopf, June 7, 2022)


  • DK Rating: Highly Recommended
  • Amazon Top Books of 2022. 
  • Selected as an Oprah’s Book Club pick.
  • NY Times Editor’s Choice Top 10 Books of the Week. NY Times Book Review here.


  1. Breathtaking. Oh, to be able to open just one sentence that comes close. I close my eyes…

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  2. “…don’t need to see when my entire body is a vision.” Whoa… was looking at this book the other day. You’ve just tipped me over the edge….😉

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  3. such a beautiful way to describe the feeling of creation

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  4. Incredible. All the most important things in life are felt, not seen.

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