Sunday Morning

And the boy went into the elves’ church. He had never seen such people before, so noble and happy. Such is life when it is lived in peace and in song. When the hymn was over, the priest mounted the pulpit and preached a sermon. Never had the boy heard a sermon so beautiful or so touching. And never afterwards did he hear a sermon like it. All his life through he remembered it, meditating upon it in secret and trying always to live up to it; but the theme of the sermon he told to no one. Some people think that it must have been about how in the end good will be triumphant in the life of man. Then the priest went to the altar and intoned in a warm, gentle voice; quite differently from our priests here on earth. It was as if a good hand was laid over his heart Then when the last hymn had been sung, all the people stood up and went out… He kept the memory of this Sunday ever afterwards in his mind and it consoled him when he had to do without the happiness that others enjoy in life; and he grew up into a man pleased with what he had and contented with his lot.

Halldór Laxness, “Independent People

Photo: Photo by Tabitha Mort, Portland, Oregon


  1. Something wonderful that this individual experienced in his earlier years, that he took in for the rest of his life.

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  2. lovely ❤

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  3. Do you take a nap in the afternoon? If not are you cranky? Or should I ask Susan, that is your wife’s name right? You’re up way too early!

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  4. As if in a dream, really…that feeling that warms the coldest part of the soul…I loved this

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  5. “…as if a good hand was laid over his heart.” I felt this phrase in the center of my chest….🥰

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  6. Who can ask for more?

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  7. Would that we all could live such an experience to take with us into our life…

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  8. Nothing wrong with feeling good. Sometimes a churchy setting can provide that inner peace.

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    The ‘Elves Church” … on Sunday!! … “Halldór Laxness, “Independent People”.


  10. Christie says:

    Love the photo…the little red church, is St Anne…on the grounds of The Grotto, in Portland, Oregon… It is one of my female cousins fav. spots…

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