Walking. With Moment that Sticks.

4:33 a.m., or so. You are so damn precise with your clock.

I pulled into the Cove Island Park parking lot, my headlights illuminated her…sleeping. Hold that thought.

It’s been 770 consecutive (almost) days on my daybreak walk. Like in a row.

I was going to share a different story.  A running story. I page through the dates of my prior posts to find my last running post: June 6, 2020! MY GOD. It’s been 2 years! And, this back and these legs carrying 12 lbs more. Yep, I decided to lace up the shoes and run. 2 days in a row.  My body is so tired, that it couldn’t lift my fingers to the keyboard to tap the words out. So, we’re going to hold this thought for another day.

Back to this morning’s walk. A spectacular morning. 60° F. 5 mph breeze.  And it had the three elements of a perfect morning. 1) Low tide. 2) 30-60% cloud cover. 3) No Humans. So we have ALL of this going for us.

And I spotted my Swans, George and Grace, feeding.

And I spotted a black-crowned night heron, a mime, frozen in place; this morning’s twilight, the finest, lightest bulb, illuminating its thin, light white plume.  “Weave, weave the sunlight in your hair.” — T.S. Eliot, from La Figlia Che Piange.

And then there’s my spirit bird. Plural, Birds. A flock of cormorants. Must mean that I’m going to have a great day.

And on the back side of my walk, I stalk a white-tailed deer, and snap a few shots of her. It’s a her I think. In this world of pronouns, I’m sure I stepped into it again.

So, you can pick any number of these moments, and hold them, for a moment, the day, into next week. Yet…one moment stands alone, higher above the rest.

It was 1 hour after I had first spotted her, and she was still sleeping, in the same exact position, undisturbed.

I’m going to remember this.



  • Photo by DK @ Daybreak @ ~5:00 am, June 14, 2022. 62° F. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. More photos from this morning’s walk here.


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  2. No run two days in a row – must give legs a rest 😉 Run one, walk one. You’re not kind to your body, David.
    However, those beautiful moments are definitely to be held on to.
    And my back is killing me just thinking of being in her position for over an hour…

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  3. Such a powerful image. Sounds like a remarkable place to walk.

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  4. Touching DK. It’s a beautiful day to be alive in …. Yet we must also remember those with life burdens.

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  5. Always the yin and yang. Always. Reposting this because it is a beautiful morning message.

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  6. Sad place to sleep with what looks like her belongings. No place to go?

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  7. Christie says:

    I just don’t know what to say…the beauty and the despair…heart-touching…heart-tugging…

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  8. The juxtapositioning of these two images, nay these two realities, stopped me in my tracks. You see *so much* on your walks, pal. So much.

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  9. How wonderful to have a fortress of solitude where you have but one-way conversations with trusting acquaintances. The lady on the bench, however, is a reality that we are at times called to be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.

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  10. Hi, David, I hope your legs are feeling better today. This post gave me the chills. Thank you.

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  11. Well, bless her. Always an opportunity to count one’s blessings. ❤️

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