Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

It was always here, like a secret door you’ve been trying to kick in for years.

And then, in the midst of this trial, as you hang your head in defeat, you notice that around your neck you are wearing a key.

— Jillian HortonWe Are All Perfectly Fine: A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing (HarperCollins Publishers, February 23, 2021)

Notes: Image: Daryn Stumbaugh via Unsplash


  1. aha! who knew?

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  2. Loved this book!!

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  3. Love this!

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  4. Ohmygosh, LOVE THIS! So encouraging….

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  5. We spend so much time beating ourselves up needlessly.

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  6. Christie says:

    A stronghold hanging as an invisible, confining, yoke….then one day you discover the strength to open the locked door within your mind and navigate through to Walk Boldly into Freedom…

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  7. Anonymous says:

    I love doors!!

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