1. Those birdies are wise! 😉 HHD, Dave! 🐫🙏


  2. When you need an Uber in the desert…

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  3. living sculpture

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  4. Oh, this one caused me to chuckle!

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  5. Hitchhikers!


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  6. Wow! This one could almost pass for a stegosaurus 😊

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  7. Isn’t that something that makes you start your day with a giggle? Hello! there smart birds.! Now I, want to write a story about “The Camel and the Birds” how good friends they were.

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Awesome line up!! … “Photo: Saumalya Ghosh, Bari Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan (via Instagram).”

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  9. Such adornment! Mother Nature needs no assistance. You know this…given your Island Cove photos…

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  10. This looks like the idea for a short film by Pixar!!

    Such patience…

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  11. I guess if you stand still long enough in the desert everything looks like a power line.

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  12. Caleb looks very pleased with having so many admirers on his back… or many they got rid of that itch.

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  13. Unfortunately for the Oxpecker birds, there were few ticks in the desert. Oh well, a camel’s back is cooler than the sands!

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