Miracle. All of It.

Notes: Post title Inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.


  1. overwhelming beauty and majesty

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  2. Amazing!!!

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  3. Holy crap! That just takes your breath away, doesn’t it? Fascinating how graceful this enormous creature is in its element….❤️

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  4. Using a bulldozer at Coober Pedy opal fields was a fascinating experience peeling of the rock and dirt to find seashells which have been turned to opal as well as small starfish, mussel shells, a solid gut from a fish or animal, and even a finger from some critter or a penis from a very small man. Some of the opal seashells had spectacular colors. We had a round lump of dirt ripped up with a patterned dome on top. Evidently, a turtle shared a piece of soft rock where he had been once. Another guy found two solid opal turtles years ago and smashed them up to fit in the bucket to get them out of the shaft. Ther y were complete and solid precious opal. I am writing a book about this guy, a Greek who robbed all of his partners Nikki The Greek Leaving Ikaria is the book when finished . I have 60000 words so far. at least another 60000 to finish it, He found millions of dollars and blew the lot , Dying a poor man in Athens three yr=ears ago.

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  5. Absolutely breathtaking!

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  6. All of it. Every day. We have just numbed ourselves to the majesty of it all.

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  7. I think of all the times I’ve stood looking out at the Ocean & been blessed to watch the Mighty Whales, spouting, breaching their body above the water surface & other times showing their tail fluke..and now to see a video clip of the blow hole with breath displacing the water. Thanks for the sharing the clip…”Each Breath Is A Gift” PS I’ve not been to the Coast in over 2 years!!! You know I live close to the coast a bit jealous, at times, though happy for those of you, who live at the coast…CT, FL, TX, CA, BC, WA, etc…or those who live up North next to a Lake where Loon’s calls fill the air…

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  8. wow…

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  9. What a gorgeous being! Can we imagine being such a fully alive giant? I miss seeing the environmental films shown at my local public library…packed full for some of the spectacular ones, such as those from the Cousteau family… (The PEFF films are how I learned to appreciate the benefit of sharks and thus “love” them!)

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  10. Glorious! But why the heck aren‘t you citing the more important part of this quote:
    The other is as though everything is a miracle……


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