Monday Morning Wake-Up Call

“….Why it’s time to drop the ‘new year, new you’ BS—and learn to accept yourself. Once you radically accept yourself and your reality, you are able to focus on what you can control and start moving through life…” (Read full article here)

—  Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, from “Why it’s time to drop the ‘new year, new you’ BS—and learn to accept yourself” (, 12/29/21)

Notes: Calvin & Hobbes via thisisnthappiness & Peteski


  1. and then you can go from there –

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  2. Dropped resolutions years ago…they just didn’t speak to me. I much prefer choosing my ‘word for the year’ — gives me a sense of focus without all the judgement implied in resolutions. Just feels more authentic to me. Whatever your preferred approach, hope 2022 is a good one for you, pal! ☺️

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  3. Laughing…if I can start blogging again, I’ll consider it a win…beyond that – I’m going to grab onto the shirttails of you and Lori

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  4. Calvin, I love that kid! I don’t make resolutions but I do set goals because that works for me. I may not feel the need for improvement but I do need to get things done.

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  5. Calvin, and Hobbes, were perfect in every which way…

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  6. I forgot. Again. Happy New Year, David!

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  7. I couldn’t agree more. I love Calvin and Hobbes. I started journalling 18 months ago. I never realized at that time how powerful it would be. It is helping me so much to understand my habits, patterns, triggers, and my progress on working on myself specifically when I go back to read them.

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  8. Like Lori — I seek to hear/listen for a word that will be my guide/compass throughout the year — this year my word is ‘transformation’. It’s a good one for me. Unlike ‘change’ it feels organic, part of nature’s flow/process, full of possibility and mystery.

    And as a mother with a daughter who struggled for years with ED – the article was a good read (and reminder). My daughter, who is doing well today and an amazing writer, wrote a daily blog for a year as part of her recovery – she not only helped herself, she helped many others – which I would add to her list — “Giving back” as a vital part of any recovery plan.

    And, as ‘the mother’, self-compassion was key if I wanted to not make the ED all about me and what I’d done to cause it — as in, get stuck on a pity pot and be unhealthy for both my daughter and me!

    Love your word DK — it’s a powerful one. Dr. Kristen Neff is my go to for all things self-compassion… 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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    Resolutions? I’m perfect …. and besides, mostly don’t follow through!! ,,, LOL!! … ” Dr. Wendy Oliver-Pyatt, from “Why it’s time to drop the ‘new year, new you’ BS—and learn to accept yourself” (, 12/29/21).”

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  10. Resolutions lead to heartbreak and discouragement. Goals, on the other hand, can be cut up into doable chunks.
    Always love me some Calvin and Hobbs!

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  11. YEP!

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  12. Hear hear! I haven’t done a word for the year is couple of years. What comes up right now is …
    Life is serious enough these days not too take it too seriously.

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