1. The parents don’t seem to like the intimacy the handler has with their baby…. 🐫🙃

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  2. “what about me??!1”

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  3. Caleb family? Well, I hope there’s love to go round for everyone… if not you know where to come, Caleb! 😉 HHD, Dave!

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  4. Caleb’s family portrait being photobombed!


  5. Anyone see the littlest baby at the bottom far right? Have to say it must be a good life for a camel!

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  6. This made my hump-day! It’s absolutely heart warming! ♥

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    MY dear CAleb!! I really, really needed you this morning! … Photo: Indian Camel.

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  8. A man and his camel.


  9. Despite protests from the rest of the camels, Mohammed still loved Jasmine best of all.

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  10. Learning the ropes…

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