• Source: Newthom. Republic of Djibouti. Afars Territory / Chad.  Shooting of the film “Un homme sans l’Occident” 2001. Photo by Raymond Depardon.
  • Background on Caleb/Wednesday/Hump Day Posts and Geico’s original commercial: Let’s Hit it Again.


  1. Caleb and friend doing their best impression of Sisyphus (with a figurative boulder).

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  2. just have to get my transport up over one last hill – anyone help with a push?

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  3. Enough! Aint going anywhere! A rest first! After all it’s my day, is it not?!!!!
    HHD, Dave!

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  4. Walking into Wednesday is clearly a struggle everywhere….

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  5. It’s so beautiful there. I’d love to visit the place. It’s in my bucket list 😊👌

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  6. It truly is Un Homme Sans L’Occident…
    Magic, alone but not ‘deserted’… a solemn but not lonely moment.
    Wd love to see that film 🎥

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Simply amazing photos!! My morning smile … “Source: Newthom. Republic of Djibouti. Afars Territory – Chad. Shooting of the film “Un homme sans l’Occident” 2001. Photo by Raymond Depardon.”

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  8. Such a hard life.

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  9. Are you sure it’s just over the next dune?! Picture two, Caleb says: “I ain’t going no further!!!!”

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  10. As a young guy, I worked on a ranch as a summer job between semesters at the university. The Arabian horse “assigned ” to me was old enough he figured it was not his job to cut cattle or carry a heavy lump around all day. At some point miles from his stable, he’d go on strike, forcing me to walk alongside him. One day, I noticed a biting fly (“those delta wing bastards”) on Niran the horse’s neck. I slapped and killed the fly. From that time on, Niran let me ride all day! I note camels are cousins to horses and Mahmoud probably failed to prove he had a value recognized by his camel, so… Yes! He’s “afoot” till he figures it out! I say to Mahmoud, “Know thy camel!”

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