1. a day filled with gray for caleb and his posse

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  2. Caleb, you can make anything happen! 😉 HHD, Dave!

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  3. Camels on a field trip…

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  4. Clouds on the dessert! Truly an alluring image. I suppose if Caleb’s happy, so am I. Thanks for the inspiration, David.

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  5. Your credits say Kenneth Zeng. Maybe he should drop the G on his name for this picture. The first thing that struck me was how tiny “man” is compared to everything else (like those pyramids). Very “Zen” without the G.

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  6. What a beautiful evocative photo.

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  7. Lovely!

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  8. Wow what an evocative image! Like a dream scenario…ask Caleb what it means… My endless journey?

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  9. Looks like a Bob Ross painting of “The lost Caravan to the Cheops Pyramid”. We don’t make mistakes, we just have happy accidents.

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