1. If a camel yells in the desert, and no one is there to hear him…? (Yes, it’s a reach – if a tree falls in the forest…)

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  2. mini pyramid day

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  3. Cleverly disguised as rock formations, the camels suppressed their smirks and giggles as the perplexed Bedouins tried to find them!

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  4. Caleb, I see you’re hiding behind the mini pyramids!!! Happy Hump Day, Dave! 🐫

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  5. Hey Lis, Another one for the Wednesday collection. There is a camel in that shot. Click on the photo and you’ll go to the Times article. I had no idea there are pyramids in Sudan. Very interesting read. Have a great day – Judy

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Caleb! Caleb, are you there? … Photo: NY Times, Glimpses of Sudan’s Forgotten Pyramids.

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  7. Caleb, the 1st camel on Mars.

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