Walking. With: “You thought I was worth saving…”

334 consecutive days. Like in a row. Cove Island Park morning walk.  Dark Sky app reports 93% cloud cover. Hmmmm. 37° F, winds down. Well, that’s Something.

I inhale, hamstring biting. I ease into the front seat. There was a day, not so long ago, that getting into the front seat of the car was an unconscious act. Today, not so much.  Melissa Febos: What If The Pain Never Ends? “I understand that it will return, in one form or another, and that I will need the care of others, and I am determined, when that time comes, to meet it with gratitude and grace.”

Cr*p. No. I highly doubt that Me will show up. That Me ain’t here Today.

I snap a few shots at Cove Island (to keep the streak alive), and head to Calf Pasture Beach Park in Norwalk. The new Inspiration Point.

I pull into the park parking lot, normally empty. A small crowd building under a large tent. What’s This? Crowding into my time and space?  Ahhh, yes, Easter Service.

I steer wide of the gathering parishioners, like I might be sucked into an unstoppable power of God-vortex and his Believers.

Preacher was leading the congregation in song. Catchy tune.  “You thought I was worth saving…” I stop to listen, well outside of range of getting drafted into this Community of Believers.  “…you cleaned me up inside…You thought I was to die for, so You sacrificed your Life…” 

The group full throated now in their Song…You thought I was worth saving…

Samantha Harvey in The Shapeless Unease: A Year of Not Sleeping: “I envy my friend even as I try to argue with her. I can’t make myself believe in God, not because of cynicism or some haughty deference to science, but because God is sturdy, a form of certainty to a believer, and I’m constitutionally incapable of accepting certainty. My mind can only see the provisional, never the incontrovertible. I can’t help it. I’d like to help it but I can’t.

I get home. I search “you thought I was worth saving,” and God’s Right Hand Wing-Man (Google) serves it up.  Anthony Brown and his congregation sing.  I put on my headphones, and play it in a loop as I write this post.

These people Believe.

I pan through my morning pictures.

A new canvas every morning, every minute.

Someone has to be pulling the strings here.

Someone Big.

Photos: DK @ Daybreak, 6:18 to 7:02 am. April 4, 2021, 37° F, Calf Pasture Beach Park, Norwalk, CT.



  1. Inspirational David with the beautiful photos. Now my morning is complete.💕 “…gratitude and grace…” poignant words from someone facing challenges head on. Major goosebumps “someone has to be pulling the strings here.” I wholeheartedly agree. Speechless…stunning photos. Wow!

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  2. Wow! Those sunrises are worth getting up early for. Great photos. I share your thoughts on believing or not.

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  3. that first photo of the island is spectacular.

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  4. There is something bigger than us, I truly believe. Name? Title? I’m not sure.
    Thank you for opening this place of appreciation inside me.

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  5. Nature is proof to me that there is a higher being. Someone gently pulling the strings or holding the reins.

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  6. I’ve never quite understood the idea of being saved…saved from, saved for… what? Sounds like either a deferment to the future, or a rescue mission, or something like leftovers. Maybe I just don’t I need saving… having not suffered enough.

    But the idea of God is indeed intriguing, something to ponder for an entire lifetime until it becomes too big of an idea. Then comes the awareness that whatever might be big and grand enough to create Everything, might not easily fit into any container, form, or thingyness that I can conceive of. But yes, the balance of Chaos and Order are at least somewhat tangible, lived in and through, and more than that, beautiful. I can live with that, but would belief add an iota to the grandiosity of the whole thing? Perhaps it’s okay to live with a certain amount of incomprehensibility. I suppose if I had to have an idea of God, it would be a simple, but humbling one of that ineffable something that, although language can never quite capture, we continually submit ourselves to in every way and everyday. Happy Easter, David.

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  7. i struggle with the same – lovely paintings of your world this morning, courtesy of mother nature, god, ?

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    It was worth saving … “Someone has to be pulling the strings here.
    Someone Big.”

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  9. Lovely morning images, always. 344 days… how much walking is done nowadays? Not judging, just curious.
    As you know, I would love to like them on Instagram but somehow, I am no longer worthy…

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  10. Ethereal!

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  11. Truly beautiful and touching 💛

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  12. I just re-read ‘The Alchemist’ this weekend. A timeless and inspiring book about living out our personal legends in this world and how our life is ‘maktub’ which literally means ‘it is written.’ And it is. Don’t know who has written it or why? just believe it is. Mother Nature convinces me of this each day and I’m always in awe. Beautiful captures Dave. Happy Easter 🐣

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  13. Christie says:

    I am a believer…I am nothing without God…I’ve experienced his hand over my life…many times…experienced miracles…God is Good…Each breath I take is a True Gift…/// I am glad you listened to the song, … “You thought I was worth saving”…/// I am sorry that you are still hurting and that this is year two of not being in Miami for you annual Easter visit…May Continued Blessing of Peace, Joy and many Inhales and Exhales over time as “Each Breath Is A Gift” Enjoy this day with your family, Happy Easter…

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  14. I seem to place my faith in that extraordinary woman, Mother Nature.

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  15. This gorgeous meditation somehow slipped past me yesterday, pal. Really beautiful. Like you, I am uncertain of the ‘particulars’ regarding a higher power, but can’t help thinking there’s something bigger than us all….

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  16. One day (back when I still believed in housecleaning!), a narrow little paper slowly fluttered to the floor from out of one of the bureau mirror’s corners. One side of the paper was blank. The other bore tiny flowers and beautiful, printed script:

    “Rejoice! He died for the ungodly.”

    I know why I kept it, but now I think the blank side is for writing back. 🌷

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  17. niasunset says:

    As always I am impressed by your words, and your morning, early morning photographs are so beautiful. So beautiful… Thank you, Love, nia

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  18. “A new canvas every morning, every minute”…and it does make you wonder, doesn’t it? The more we engage with nature, the more we begin to appreciate “something”…whatever it is that created or caused this wondrous world to be. All I know is that none of this is to be taken for granted, that these miracles are gifts every single day. Your photographs show so much of what you feel and they are so beautiful. On a side note, I need to buy a new camera. If you don’t mind sharing, can you tell me what camera you use. Whatever it is, it does a fantastic job with landscape photography. Just keep on with it, David, for all of us, but especially for you.

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